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With Enrol's advanced search tool, you can tailor your search results directly to you. All you need to do is input your subject or vocation of choice, and where you'd like to study it. Our search tool crawls a database of over 1,000 courses to find you the most relevant matches.


To apply for your chosen course or placement, Enrol requires some basic personal information which you can fill out using our online form. These details will be passed onto the relevant course provider, who will then contact you regarding the next steps you need to take in order to enrol.


Enrol will not provide you with your chosen course, but we will bridge the gap between you and your course provider, college, or university. We support you through the choice and application process by offering you the most extensive database of courses available in your chosen subject area and location.


Welcome to Enrol. We understand that working out where next to go with your education or career can be difficult, not to mention frightening.

When searching for potential courses and career pathways online, you may find yourself confronted with numerous different sites battling for your attention. As is often the case, many of these sites will contain conflicting information and no way of accurately comparing courses.

Enrol is different. We consolidate over 1,000 courses of all levels in an extensive database that you can search using our advanced course finder tool. These courses are sorted based on information you give us: your preferred subject or vocation, and where you'd like to study it.

Once we've matched you with the courses most relevant to you, Enrol streamlines the application process by asking for some personal details. We send these to the relevant course provider, college, or university, who then contact you with regards to taking your application further.


If you've taken a break from education but are looking at returning, Enrol can help you understand which qualifications you'll need to pick up where you left off.

Using Enrol, you can look at the entry requirements for courses you may wish to study. If you're lacking in A-Levels, for example, you can use our search tool to find access or foundation courses which could help you get into university.

Undertaking an apprenticeship is also a viable option, especially if you would prefer to spend your time working. Depending on your experience, you may be able to secure an advanced or higher apprenticeship, rather than starting from entry level.

Using Enrol's tailored search tool, you'll be able to narrow down apprenticeship and higher education course opportunities in your chosen location. We navigate the tricky application process for you by providing the course provider with some of your personal details. Then, they'll get back to you to discuss taking your application further.