Accounting & Finance

Should I choose an Accounting course?

We’re often asked, “is accounting difficult?” and really, there’s no clear-cut answer to that question. It all depends on whether or not accounting is difficult for you. Accounting is a detailed oriented profession, where small mistakes can cause a lot of problems. As an accountant, you’ll be expected to display leadership skills, deliver presentations, and work with numbers on a daily basis. Accounting is deadline-driven, and will often require overtime, especially as the fiscal year comes to a close. If you detest numbers and you’re not particularly interested in the details, you’ll probably find that an accounting course isn’t for you. However, if you display an aptitude for numbers; love structure, order, and the satisfaction of problems with absolute answers, you could thrive as an accountant.


How can I get into Accounting?

To become a registered accountant, you need to pass an ACA exam as part of an undergraduate Accounting degree. After receiving your qualification, you should expect to keep learning and taking exams - financial regulations change regularly, and as a qualified accountant, you’ll be required to keep up to date.


Why use Enrol?

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