Should i choose an Apprenticeship?

If you’re struggling to work out where next to take your education or career, you may find an apprenticeship is the way forward. Apprenticeships are best suited to those with a willingness to get involved and see results early on in their career. 

In the UK, apprenticeships are paid placements that combine working in a real workplace with compulsory education and training. By the end of an apprenticeship, you’ll be expected to display skills specific to your job role which will help you pass the relevant qualifications. 

Apprenticeships offer several benefits, including the opportunity to strengthen your CV early in your career. Apprentices typically earn an average of £170 per week, although this commonly increases the further you progress through a workplace.

If you prefer actively influencing your chosen industry rather than simply learning about it, you may find you thrive in an apprenticeship placement. Over 90% of all apprentices in the UK go into work or further training following completion of their course (as of February 2017). 

What type of Apprenticeships are there?

There are four types of apprenticeship available in the UK for over 1,500 different job roles. These are as follows:

- Intermediate (Level 2)

- Advanced (Level 3) 

- Higher (Level 4 and above)

- Degree  (Levels 5 — 7) 

The level of apprenticeship you’ll be able to access will depend on your current levels of education, working experience, and the apprentice standard being offered by a prospective employer.

How can i get an Apprenticeship?

Because apprenticeships involve working for a real employer, you'll need to submit a CV and attend an interview. Most apprenticeship providers will also want to interview you before they choose to take you on as a student. 

Why use Enrol?

By using Enrol, you benefit from a simple, easily comparable list of Apprenticeships, tailored to you. We consolidate every Apprenticeship and qualification offered in the UK, so you can be as informed as possible when choosing your course.