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Apprenticeships have truly evolved as a viable route towards a profession, becoming one of the most popular choices for young people entering the world of work. The program of study combines education and work experience, which nurtures new skills and then allows participants to put them into practice, understanding their value through practical assessment.

A wide-choice of apprenticeships

The breadth of choice when it comes to selecting a specialist area has also grown at an unprecedented rate in the past decade, with apprenticeships available in sectors across the board nowadays. From technical subjects such as engineering, to culture studies and retail, the scope of apprenticeships available spans every industry imaginable, giving young people the chance to pursue a subject they enjoy; while also gaining invaluable first-hand experience in the relevant setting.

Is an apprenticeship suitable for me?

An apprenticeship can be the ideal step following school, giving young learners the most accurate taste of the working world. With courses available all across the UK, applicants can find a college or related provider in a location that suits their study preferences. Apprenticeships have become increasingly accessible options too, with a range of funding options available to support learners through their studies. The UK government provides financial assistance to students, to help cover course costs such as any assessment fees, although eligibility checks will be required — learn more about apprenticeship funding .

Growing apprenticeship enrolments

The diverse range of apprenticeships on offer has boosted learner uptake, and here at Enrol we are committed to matching applicants to a qualification that suits their individual interests. With our Advanced Course Finder Tool, we are able to utilise some basic personal information on your study preferences, pairing you with the most suitable course options for your needs.

We consolidate over 1,000 different courses, so your unique interests are accounted for and your ambition can be met with Enrol. Enquire with us online today for more information on the options available for Apprenticeships.

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