Eating healthily at work

Starting your first full-time job is daunting for most people. However, once you’re settled into a 9-5, the daily routine tends to become second nature.


Unfortunately, this can lead to developing some pretty bad habits. Most people notice that after starting full-time work (especially in an office environment), their eating habits slowly descend into whatever is most convenient, rather than what is healthiest.


In this blog, Enrol looks at three ways you can change your work eating habits to strive for a healthier lifestyle.


Eat breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but an estimated 47% of Britons are still choosing not to eat first thing in the morning. This is down to a number of reasons; the majority of them related to work anxiety and stress.


Many adults, (millennials in particular) are skipping breakfast in an effort to curb morning nausea. However, feeling queasy in the morning can be put down to a few minor issues, each of which can be avoided by eating breakfast.


I feel sick in the morning because of…


  • Low Blood Sugar
    If you wake up with low blood sugar, you’re going to feel sick, dizzy, and faint. Some people find themselves hit with a sudden bout of stomach trouble, while others experience headaches, sweating, and feeling feverish.

    Though this nausea may discourage you from trying to eat anything, the best thing you can do is wait twenty minutes, and then sip slowly at a sweet tea or orange juice. Once your nausea settles, try to slowly take bites of something dry and carb-rich, such as a piece of toast.


  • Acid Reflux
    If you suffer from persistent acid reflux, you may wake up feeling especially nauseous. Prevent this by eating a light dinner and going to bed at a reasonable hour, as well as by taking any anti-acid reflux medication you’ve been prescribed, and eating something carb-rich in order to settle your stomach.


It’s always wise to eat a smaller dinner at night if you suffer from persistent morning nausea. Avoid carbs, and eat light – you’ll see a difference almost immediately.


Meal Prep

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, you’ll probably have heard of ‘meal prep’ – the fun, easy way to make sure your meals for the week are cooked, stored, and ready to take to work by Sunday evening.


So, what exactly does meal prep entail? Meal prep requires you to spend a sizeable portion of your Sunday evening planning, cooking, and storing enough food to last you the whole week.


Although most meal prep plans include planning breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you may find that planning your work lunch alone helps you keep on track with eating healthily.


It’s a simple way to make sure you’re eating well at work, and ensures you don’t spend unnecessarily on overpriced sandwiches and pasties simply because they’re conveniently located right next to your office.


Snacks away!

If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit of a desk snacker. Whether it be a handful of M&Ms pinched from the office share bowl, or a packet of crisps you spotted in Tesco on the way to work; you may find yourself needing to chew on something (anything) to get you over the 11am hump, and the 3pm slump.


Eating healthily at work doesn’t mean you need to cut out your snacking entirely. Instead, try food substitutes, and shove them all into a ‘snack pack’ so you at least have the luxury of choice.


If your workplace has a fridge, use it to store fresh yoghurt with carrot sticks, cucumber slices with hummus, and slices of apple with organic peanut butter. For a quick mid-morning pick-me-up, consider keeping a selection of nuts and seeds, fruit slices, popcorn, and even homemade breadsticks in your desk drawer.


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