Is it too late to change Unis?

So, you’re at Uni, you’ve survived fresher’s week, and your course is well underway. And yet, something isn’t sitting right with you. The more you think about it, the more you begin to consider getting out of there entirely.

There are many reasons for wanting to change Unis. Maybe you find that the city you moved to isn’t exactly how you thought it would be, or your course isn’t panning out the way you wanted it to.

We know it’s a scary decision, but that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong one. In this article, Enrol explains why there’s nothing wrong with making this change, and how to do it.

Why does it feel like such a big decision?

Because choosing which University to go to in the first place was probably the biggest decision you’ve ever had to make, it can be terrifying to even consider uprooting and moving all over again. What if you undo all your hard work? How are you going to leave all your new friends behind?

Realistically, moving Unis isn’t as big a decision as it looks. In 2013-14, just under 7,000 students switched institutions successfully.

Often, the build-up to making the big decision is harder than living with the aftermath! As long as you consider the pros and cons properly and ask unbiased people you trust for advice, you should be fine.

Have I considered everything I need to?

It’s difficult to work out whether you’ve covered all bases when making the decision to switch unis.

We’ve put together a list of some of the things you might want to consider when looking at making the change:

– Are you just homesick?
– Is it you, or is it the Unis?
– Can you afford to change Unis?
– How confident are you about making new friends?
– Could you switch courses instead but stay at the same Uni?
– Is it worth considering an easier/harder course?
– Could you switch Unis but live in the same area?

Will it make a significant impact on my future?

In some cases, switching Unis might mean you’re slightly behind on your degree, or that you need to start again. In most cases, however, the change should be as hassle-free as possible.

Many Unis actively recruit transfer students, making the changeover process as simple as possible for them. And once you’re there, it’s unlikely that the change will make any significant dent in your progress.

We recommend talking to your course lecturer or the pastoral staff at your current Uni. Ask them for advice! Many students looking to transfer start worrying that they’ll be coerced into staying if they tell someone from their Uni. However, this is unlikely to be the case – Uni staff want what’s best for you, and they’ll be there to help talk you through this difficult decision.

Similarly, talk to the staff at the Uni you’re looking to transfer to. They’ll be able to help you understand how to switch courses, how many credits your current course is going to count towards, and how you’re going to integrate into the student culture at a new campus.

I’ve decided I’m going to switch Universities

This is a big step forward! For the time being, you may find certain elements of the switch difficult, but if you’ve properly considered this decision, it’ll work out in your favour.

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