Business & Management

Business and Management is a diverse field that offers a huge range of career options. Because leadership roles are necessary for every industry, the scope for those of you looking to find your niche is greater than ever before.

Depending on your level of study, a career in business and management could see you working as anything from a graduate accountant or a hotel manager to a product manager or business adviser. 

Business and management courses sit comfortably in the FAME group of subjects - that is; finance, accounting, management, and economics. If you have a degree, qualification, or experience in these areas, you'll find that your skills are often in high demand by employers.

This is because business is an incredibly varied subject that touches on nearly every aspect of modern society. Business and management students tend to display a passion for leadership, a forward-thinking mentality, and a desire to succeed.

How can I get into Business & Management?

If you choose to study business and management as a degree, you could be looking at several unique benefits, including:

- A balanced mix of practical and theoretical work
- Case-based learning
- Dual honours degrees
- Varied choice of modules
- Broader, more international perspective
- Diverse cohort
- Excellent graduate prospects
- A host of transferable skills

Around 74% of all UK business and management graduates go on to be employed, while 9.8% go on to further study. This is quite common in business as a bachelor’s degree tends to provide the basis for further study, at which point the graduate will look at furthering their knowledge in a more niche area of business, management, or consultancy.

If you're not particularly interested in going to university, you may be able to gain experience in this sector with a business and management apprenticeship, internship, or leadership-based job role. However, by going for an apprenticeship at a specific company, it's important to remember that you will likely be trained in their style of business and management. 

On the other hand, you'll gain extremely valuable practical experience, so when choosing between the two it will come down to your career goals and what you value more as an individual. 

Why use Enrol? 

Using Enrol offers you a comprehensive list of business and management courses, tailored to you. You can use our search tool to browse and compare thousands of courses at different levels and in various locations, so you know the course you choose is the right one for you.