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Richard Branson, Richard Reed and Giselle Bundchen are all highly successful entrepreneurs, but what makes them so successful? Why do some businesses succeed whilst many others fail? What makes a successful business idea? What went wrong at Nokia? These questions and more will be explored during your study of A Level Business.

We will look at how businesses are structured and organised, as well as considering how different types of ownership impact on a business. The course places much emphasis on strategic management and how successful leaders are able to inspire their employees. We also investigate how businesses can learn and adapt to changes in their competitive environment. Issues such as the impact of employees from eastern Europe on UK businesses, the impact of China's emergence as a major economy and the impact of the global recession will also be explored.

We will also study the key functions of businesses by looking at how effective decision making can help to improve marketing, operational, financial and human resource performance.

The course is assessed by three 2 hour written exam papers that will test your knowledge of the topics covered in class as well as testing your ability to analyse and evaluate business problems. You will also be required to use real business case studies in your answers. There will be a variety of multiple choice questions, short answer questions, long answer questions and essays on the exam papers.

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