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A Level Computing

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Classroom based

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18 Month(s)

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This course is aimed at students who are keen on practical computer work and especially keen on problem-solving. You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of computer systems and programming skills. The course covers a wide range of computing applications including data processing, control systems, artificial intelligence, the theory of relational databases, spreadsheets, DTP and networking, along with hardware configurations. Although there is a substantial practical element to the course, there is also a thorough theoretical coverage. Programming is taught using procedural and high level languages (Pascal/Delphi and PHP/MySQL although others are available and briefly looked at). It is preferable for computing students to have access to a computer at home and to be able to bring work in on a pen drive or via email.

About half of class time is spent at the computers. Computing is not an extension of GCSE ICT. It is a different subject with a different approach, although IT techniques are used. As with any A level subject, it involves hard work and some perseverance but it also brings its own rewards.

Where does the subject lead:
Students can follow computer-related courses at University such as computer science, artificial intelligence, games design, games programming, software engineering, systems analysis and informatics. An A Level in Computing is not a pre-requisite for these courses but it is extremely useful.

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