BSc Honours

A Level Design Technology - Product Design

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Classroom based

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18 Month(s)

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Product Design is a creative, practical and academic course. Students will produce a design portfolio that can support university and career interviews for creative and engineering based subjects and will form 50% of the assessment.

The course is assessed in four modules (Two modules for AS and two modules for A2). Module 1 is a creative design portfolio that can be completed with several mini projects. These projects will show a depth of knowledge in the design process and will highlight how your skills have developed in research, creative thinking and drawing, CAD/ CAM, materials and manufacturing processes, practical workshop ability, evaluation and graphic presentation. Module 2 is a written examination that is primarily based on materials, components and manufacturing processes. This is particularly useful to students who wish to have a career in engineering, manufacturing or business. Module 3 is a design portfolio of your choice with a manufactured outcome. This will highlight your ability to be creative whilst working within a commercial framework.
Module 4 is a written examination primarily based on design and manufacture.

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Product Design is a useful course if you are considering a career in Architecture, Automotive Design, Engineering, Advertising, Computer Aided Design, Construction, Marketing or any other aspects of Product Design.

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