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A Level English Language offers opportunities for students to develop their subject expertise by engaging creatively and critically with a wide
range of texts and discourses. Students will create texts and reflect critically on their own processes of production, while analysing the texts
produced by others. The specification explores the study of English language both as a medium of communication and as a topic in its
own right, with an emphasis on the ability of students to pursue lines of enquiry, debate different views, and work independently to research
aspects of language in use. The study of language as a symbolic system used to assert power in society is also fundamental to the scope of
this course.

Students study several components including textual variations and representations, children?s language development, language diversity
and change, language discourses and writing skills.

The A Level introduces the study of English in its various forms and contexts, with the concepts and methods appropriate for the analysis of language underpinning all elements of the course. The variety of assessment styles used, such as data analysis, discursive essays, directed writing, original writing and research-based investigative writing, allows students to develop a wide range of skills. These include critical reading, data analysis, evaluation, the ability to develop and sustain arguments and a number of different writing skills which are invaluable for both further study and future employment in such areas as marketing, communications, teaching, journalism, etc.

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