BSc Honours

A Level English Language and Literature (combined)

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Classroom based

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18 Month(s)

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On this course you will undertake the close study of literary and linguistic issues covering all three genres of prose, poetry and drama, whilst also encountering a wide range of non-fiction. Modern and pre-twentieth century texts are studied, all of which are selected for their challenging natures both in terms of their style and subject matter. You will also further your linguistic studies in the analysis of speech and its representation. Lessons are often lively and discussion-led and we welcome students who are keen to think independently and share those ideas within lessons.

A Level English is accepted as an entry qualification for all but the most specialised university degree courses and is a sensible subject to accompany most other A level choices. Studying English teaches you to think analytically, read complex texts with understanding and express your ideas clearly and accurately. These are skills which are highly valued in all walks of life. Career options are varied including jobs in drama and theatre, writing, publishing, journalism, marketing, PR, advertising and teaching. The qualification can also be useful in business and the legal profession.

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