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A Level English Literature

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A Level English Literature centres on different ways of reading and on the connections which exist between texts. Students gain a solid
understanding of how texts can be connected and critically understood, as well as how they can be interpreted in multiple ways. Students will arrive at their own interpretations and become confident autonomous readers. Students are then not only equipped with the knowledge
and skills needed for both exams and non-exam assessment, but also experience a rich, challenging and coherent approach to English literature that provides an excellent basis for studying the subject at university.

Students study two units in Year 12 - Literary genres: Drama plus Literary genres: Prose and poetry. This is followed by three units in Year 13 - Literary genres, Texts and genres and a non-exam assessment consisting of two essays of 1250-1500 words each - each responding to a different text and linking to a different critical theory (one essay can be re-creative).

Higher education institutions value and respect the skills English literature qualifications give students. Students of English literature develop skills that are transferable to a wide range of higher education subjects and the workplace. Students grow in confidence and maturity as
they successfully realise their own interpretations. English literature students can then lead onto a range of careers, requiring a critical eye, research skills, independence, organisation and autonomy.

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