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The whole course covers World History from medieval to modern times and follows the AQA specification. This is a linear course, with coursework and examinations in Year 13.
Over the two year course, students undertake a breadth study, focusing on Tsarist and Communist Russia between the years 1855 to 1964. The exam requires them to compose essays focusing on significant historical developments, as well as analyse and evaluate different historical interpretations.
Alongside the breadth study, students also investigate the Angevin kings of England, from 1154 to 1216, focusing on the legal and political developments instigated by each monarch. They will again be expected to compose essays relating to significant historical developments, but for this exam they will also be expected to analyse and evaluate contemporary evidence.
In Year 13, students will carry out the non-examined unit (coursework), which focuses on knowledge, evidence and interpretations relating to Civil Rights in America from 1865-2005. Whilst students will be expected to carry out all of their own research, they will be supported by their teacher throughout the process, in the form of 1 to 1 tutorials each fortnight.

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