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A Level History

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ABOUT THE SUBJECT: A Level History involves the study of three modules:
Unit 1 - The Making of a Superpower 1865-1975 -This unit allows students to study in breadth issues of change, continuity, cause and consequence in this period.
Unit 2 - The Making of Modern Britain 1951 - 2007 This unit promotes an understanding of change and continuity over approximately 50 years of British History.
Unit 3 - Historical Enquiry Students will produce an investigation into a key question and produce a piece of extended writing of approximately 300-3500 words. Through undertaking the Historical Investigation, students will develop an enhanced understanding of the nature and purpose of history as a discipline and how historians work.

At Hutton, we believe that History teaches so much more than just some dusty old facts from the past and we aim to provide an experience that will stimulate the mind and develop a life-long interest in the subject. Employers and academic institutions place a high value on skills developed through the study of History. In particular they are impressed by the ability of historians to research, analyse and present information. Above all, History helps you to think logically and put forward reasoned arguments. History is a valuable subject for a wide variety of careers including law, accounting, management, civil service, journalism, media, police, teaching and any other fields where you need to understand people and how they act.

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