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The course will introduce students to the career opportunities that the law itself has to offer. However, the relevance of studying law goes beyond entering the law as a profession. As a discipline involving problem solving, the skills developed will be useful in the context of many jobs and will enable students to cope with any legal stations they will encounter in the future.

Students will study two units in Year 12 - The Personnel of the Legal System (e.g. juries, solicitors, barristers and judges and the civil and
criminal legal process) and Sources of Law (e.g. how European law is made and its effect on English law). Areas of study in Year 13 include the principles of criminal liability, attempted crimes, offences against the person, general defence, non-fatal offences against the person and offences against property.

Careers directly related to the course include: barrister, chartered legal executive, licensed conveyance and solicitor. Law would also be useful for careers such as advice workers, accountancy, trading standards and civil services.

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