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Mathematics is a challenging and rewarding subject to study in its own right but it greatly enhances the depth and scope of other disciplines. Physics is rich in the use and application of mathematical techniques whilst data processing and statistical inference are increasingly used to enhance areas of Geography, Psychology, Biology, Business Studies and Economics.

You will study Core Mathematics and either Statistics or Mechanics. Topics covered in the Core modules include trigonometry, calculus, coordinate geometry, sequences and series, exponentials and logarithms and vectors. The Statistics modules cover numerical measures, probability, the Binomial, Poisson and Normal distributions, estimation, correlation and regression, discrete and continuous random variables, hypothesis testing and the Chi squared contingency table tests. If you choose the Mechanics option you will study kinematics in one and two dimensions, statics and forces, momentum, Newton's laws of motion, connected particles, projectiles, moments and centres of mass, circular motion, work and energy.

There are six modules; three are taken in each year. The four Core modules are compulsory but you choose the remaining two from either Statistics or Mechanics. You will have two teachers; one will teach the Core modules and one will teach you either Statistics or Mechanics. You will usually have the same teachers for AS and A2. Each fortnight, 5 hours of teaching time is allocated to the Core modules and 4 hours to Statistics or Mechanics.

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