A-level Music

A-level Music @ Bury St Edmunds Academy Trust County Upper School

The Performing part of the course provides students with opportunities to perform as a soloist and/or in ensembles. At AS and A2, students are expected to complete composition coursework. At AS, students are expected to create a three-minute piece to a chosen brief. Students also write a CD sleeve note to describe aspects of their final composition and explain how other pieces of music have influenced it. At A2, the Composition unit has two sections: Composition and Technical Study. The Composition section further develops students' composition skills, leading to the creation of a final three-minute piece to a chosen brief. The Technical Study section builds on the knowledge and awareness of harmony gained in Unit 3 through the medium of pastiche studies. These units concentrate on listening to music, familiar and unfamiliar, and understanding how it works. Set works from the anthology, provide the focus for most of the units. Students will also listen to a wide range of unfamiliar music related to areas of study. They will learn how to compare and contrast pairs of excerpts, contextualise music, and identify harmonic and tonal features.