A-level PE

A-level PE @ Bury St Edmunds Academy Trust County Upper School

The Physical Education specification is taught over 4 units combining 50% coursework and 50% written exams. The course enables students to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and application for physical education and sport. Students will have the chance to take on the roles of 'performer', 'leader' or official at AS, before focusing on one of these roles at A2. The OCR specification aims to: Encourage candidates to become increasingly physically competent, Enable candidates to maintain and develop their involvement and effectiveness in physical activity, Enable candidates to be informed and discerning decision-makers who understand how to be involved in physical activity. In addition to this, students will learn about the skeletal and muscular systems, motion and movement, the cardio-respiratory systems in relation to the performance, classifications of motor skills and abilities, information processing, motor control of skills in physical activity, sport and culture and contemporary sporting issues.