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A Level Physics

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You will already have come across some of the concepts of Physics at school or your everyday life: forces, energy, waves, radioactivity, electricity and magnetism. At A level you will start to see how these ideas work together, and begin to grasp the universal principles that apply to everything, from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies. You will study concepts in much more depth than GCSE and you will realise that all the gadgets that we take for granted, such as laptops and mobile phones wouldn't exist without physicists!

Where does this subject lead?
A range of careers from Astrophysics, Nuclear Scientist and Astronaut to Geophysics, Radiography, all fields of Engineering
Students with Physics A levels have gone on to study Architecture, Environmental Science, Civil Engineering, vehicle design.
Companies that specialise in Law, Economics and Business show preference to graduates with a Physics background over other candidates for the same job.

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