A-level Religiuos Studies

A-level Religiuos Studies @ Bury St Edmunds Academy Trust County Upper School

Religious Studies A Level is comprised of four units. Two are studied in Year 12 and two in Year 13. One unit at both AS and A2 focuses on Ethics, whilst the others focus on the New Testament and the Philosophy of Human Experience. Therefore the subject offers an excellent combination of ethics, philosophy and religion. The Ethics unit of the course in Year 12 considers ethical theories, the value of human life, abortion and euthanasia. The New Testament unit at AS Level deals with issues such as, 'Can a translation be the Word of God?' and 'How important are the gospel narratives of the resurrection to the Christian faith?' At A2, we continue to study ethical issues, addressing the issues of freedom, science & technology and sexual behaviour. Unit 4 considers the philosophical questions of human experience, reality, and life & death.