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Sociology is the study of society. It involves taking an in-depth look at the world around us and questioning assumptions and ideas that we may take for granted. In Sociology we will consider questions such as ƒ??why do men commit more crime than women?ƒ??, ƒ??is there such a thing as an ideal family type?ƒ?? and ƒ??does religion cause conflict or harmony in society?ƒ??. In Sociology lessons you will be encouraged to debate and discuss theoretical ideas as well as applying the ideas you have learned in the classroom to real life scenarios which may arise in the media during the course of your studies. The skills you will be encouraged to develop through studying Sociology include critical thinking, analysis and evaluation. You will also have a lot of practice at developing your essay writing skills.
The Sociology course is entirely exam-based and you will have to write a lot of essays! In class we will do a variety of different activities to cater to different learning styles. Sometimes you will be working individually, sometimes in pairs and sometimes in groups. You may be required to do presentations and teach information you have learnt to other members of the class. Some of you will have studied Sociology at GCSE and some of you wonƒ??t. If you havenƒ??t studied it before it doesnƒ??t matter; you can still be just as successful as someone who has. If you have studied Sociology before you can expect it to have given you a good grounding, however A level is quite different and involves studying theories and ideas in a lot more depth.
Sociology is a useful subject in a range of careers including, teaching, the police, law, social work, probation and many others. It is a popular degree choice and the A Level is an excellent preparation for this.

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