Accounting A Level

Accounting A Level @ Newcastle-under-Lyme College

A Level Accounting

Unit 1: Introduction to Financial Accounting - This part of the course introduces you to the world of Financial Accounting where you will learn about the sources of financial information, the "double entry" book-keeping system, and how to produce sets of financial statements (such as Income Statements and Balance Sheets).

Unit 2: Financial and Management Accounting - The second part of the course develops your knowledge of financial accounting by considering some more complex issues (such as depreciation and rights and bonus issues of shares). You will then learn about the fundamentals of Management Accounting where accounting techniques are used to provide managers with the information they need to make good financial decisions.

Year 2 - A Level Accounting

Unit 3: Further Aspects of Financial Accounting - In this unit you will learn about some of the specific issues that need to be considered when preparing accounts for partnerships and limited companies. You will also learn about the methods firms use to value inventory (stock) and how they use accounting techniques to calculate the value of missing figures where they have incomplete accounting records.

Unit 4: Further Aspects of Financial Accounting - This unit introduces you to some more advanced management accounting issues such as dealing with the accounts of manufacturing companies. You will also learn how firms use accounting data to make good investment decisions and also consider some of the non-financial impacts of accounting decisions in "social accounting".

How will I learn?

The emphasis throughout the course is on developing your ability to tackle "real world" accounting problems. Key concepts are clearly explained and then applied to realistic situations which become increasingly complex as your confidence grows.