Advanced Level Computer Science

Advanced Level Computer Science @ Alec Reed Academy

AS and A Level Computer Science qualifications will inspire and challenge students to apply the knowledge

they gain with the creative and technical skills they acquire.

Here are some of the key benefits of our new Computer Science specifications for you and your students:

• The new qualifications will be focused on programming, will build on our GCSE Computing and emphasise the

importance of computational thinking as a discipline.

• There'll be an expanded maths focus, much of which will be embedded within the course.

• The ICT content of the new specifications will be appropriate to a Computer Science qualification.

• Computational thinking will be at the core of the new specifications.

• The AS will consist of two components, which will be externally assessed and weighted at 50% each.*

• The A Level will consist of three components, two of which will be externally marked question papers making

up 80% of the qualification.

• The other 20% will be the coursework project, which will retain its current qualities but will be more focused,

with a greater emphasis on coding and programming with a simple assessment model and marking criteria.