Advanced Level ICT

Advanced Level ICT @ Alec Reed Academy

GCE qualifications in Applied ICT are designed to give learners

broad skills, knowledge and understanding of the ICT sector. In particular,

they will encourage learners to develop:

• A broad range of ICT skills and knowledge of the uses of ICT in

vocational contexts, as a basis for progression into further learning in

ICT-related fields, including progression from AS to A2

• Knowledge and understanding of the components, functions and

applications of information systems within a range of organizations

• An understanding of the main principles of solving problems using ICT

and development of the skills necessary to apply this understanding.

In addition, Advanced GCE specifications encourage learners to:

• Apply their knowledge and understanding of ICT and use skills (e.g.

planning, research, evaluation, problem solving) in vocational contexts

• Develop an understanding of the impact of information systems on

organisations' personnel, policies and practices

• Develop project management skills and an understanding of the need to

work with others.