BSc Honours

Applied General Business (Certificate)

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Year 12

Unit 1: Financial planning and analysis - An examined unit (representing 33.33% of the
Certificate grade) Financial issues enterprises need to consider. Learners explore ways
enterprises can be owned and financed. Learners will need to understand the issues that
enterprises face concerning cash-flow and be able to calculate profit, break-even and cash-flow.
They will use this information along with final accounts and market information to make business

Unit 2: Business dynamics - A portfolio unit (representing 33.33% of the Certificate grade)
Human, physical and financial resources are essential for the success of business organisations.
Learners will investigate factors contributing to the success of businesses, focussing on the role
of managers, supervisors and employees. They will consider how businesses organise
themselves and will develop the ability to analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of
organisational structures.
Unit 3: Entrepreneurial opportunities - A Controlled Assessment Portfolio which is externally
marked (representing 33.33% of the Certificate grade) Learners develop an understanding of
entrepreneurial opportunities and investigate how individuals can exploit these through personal
enterprise, eg offering a service. They will consider opportunities for their own personal
enterprise, a given context and propose marketing and operations activities to take advantage of
the entrepreneurial opportunity.

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