BSc Honours

Applied Science

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Classroom based

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2 Year(s)

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Delivered over two years it will provide you with the equivalent of 3 A-levels in science, opening up the door to a vast array of university courses, along with the skills and experience needed to enter the employment market directly as a science technician or laboratory scientist. During this two year course you will study a range of specific science units in biology, chemistry and physics through a range of theoretical, research and practical assessments. The variety of topics covered will allow you to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge and practical skills, with work structured to allow you to discover and explore your chosen speciality. Vocational science courses also require you to explore the application of these topics in industry, giving you a head start at the end of your studies when you enter the job market. On joining the course, highly trained and experienced staff will work with you to develop the academic and vocational skills you need to help you on a challenging and rewarding career path in science. Unlike A-level studies, the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Applied Science is assessed entirely through coursework, which means you are continually assessed as you progress through the course and do not face any high pressure final assessments. The continual assessments are designed to introduce the theoretical concepts you would meet during A-level studies, but to allow you to develop through the more complex tasks in your own way, analysing the quality of your practical work and carrying out independent research to evidence your understanding in each separate topic area.

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