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AQA Level 3 Extended Certificate in Applied Science

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The Extended Certificate (360 GLH) includes the Certificate qualification units 1 - 3. It develops
learners' scientific knowledge and practical abilities and provides optional units in biology,
chemistry and physics (one unit to be selected).
Unit 4: The human body
Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the
digestive system, the components of a balanced and imbalanced diet and the effects on health.
Assessment focuses on occupations that require knowledge of the human body, such as sports
scientists and dieticians.
Written examination
Unit 5: Investigating science
Learners gain the opportunity to undertake the role of a research scientist, following standard
procedures to complete a scientific investigation. The unit enables learners to demonstrate and
extend their scientific knowledge and skills. Learners may choose one investigation from a list of
titles or choose their own investigation in consultation with their tutor.
Internally assessed
Optional: learners study one of the three options below
Unit 6a: Microbiology
Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of key microbiological concepts and
techniques used when working in biotechnological industries.
Internally assessed
Unit 6b: Medical physics
Learners will gain an understanding of key areas in modern medical physics. They will learn
about different diagnostic techniques and different types of therapy. They will be required to
perform specific experiments with radioisotopes and light.
Internally assessed
Unit 6c: Organic chemistry
Learners are introduced to preparative organic chemistry in a wide range of contexts, including
pharmaceuticals, dyes and bio-diesel. Learners will synthesise organic compounds and will
develop practical chemistry skills and techniques.

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