BSc Honours

Art A Level

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390 5

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There are two components to the A Level course. The first component is worth 60% and is
designed to allow you as students to follow opportunities to develop your ideas in response to a
range of research contexts. Students record practical and written observations, experiment with
different 2D and 3D media and processes and refine ideas towards producing resolved outcome
(s). (Max 96 marks available)

A critical personal study (a minimum of 1000 words) further supports your portfolio of work and
is part of the first component paper produced usually in Autumn Term of the second year of
The second part of the course is in response to an externally set thematic paper (ESA) (40%) that
will begin in February 2019. Here students produce work which provides evidence of their
ability to work independently within specified time constraints, developing a personal and
meaningful response which addresses all the assessment objectives and leads to a finished
outcome or a series of related finished outcomes. This aspect of the course includes preparatory
studies and a 15 hour period of sustained focus under examination conditions. (Max 96 marks

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