Art & Design Graphic Communication

Art & Design Graphic Communication @ Aldridge School - An Academy

Personal investigation:

Personal investigation: The course we deliver aims to give students a wide range of experiences related to the design industry. Students will produce work from a range of centre set briefs. Projects intended to be delivered include Corporate Branding, Graphic Illustration – Comic book/Childrens book, Character design and design for advertising.

Textile design: The course we aim to deliver covers a range of areas related to the textile and fashion industry. Projects delivered include Upcycling, Costume/fashion design, Costume/Fashion production and Wall paper design.

Externally set task:

For either specialism the exam board release an external set task paper February 1st which will be completed in the second year of the course. The paper will contain a range of briefs from which they will choose one. They will produce a body of work for this which leads to a final outcome being produced over a 15 hour period.