Art Level A Level

Art Level A Level @ Newcastle-under-Lyme College

You will be taught by highly qualified professionals committed to bringing the best out of you, by recognising your individuality and developing your talent. You will learn a range of experimental mark-making techniques using a wide range of mixed media as well as developing your drawing and painting skills, giving you the opportunity to fully show your creative abilities.

You are expected to use the resources of museums, galleries, local collections and exhibitions to make a first-hand study of others' artwork wherever possible. The course is project-based. Students establish a starting point under the guidance of tutors who then help them to pursue their own personal line of enquiry. Emphasis is placed on developing visual ideas from a broad exploration of media and images.

Year 1

• There are two coursework units in year 1. The first is a portfolio' project set by staff, designed to introduce and develop a range of skills. The second gives you the opportunity to respond to questions by the AQA exam board. This unit encourages you to take a far more personal and self-directed approach to your learning.

Year 2

• There are 2 further coursework units in year 2. The first is a personal investigation' in which you must provide 1000 to 3000 words of written content underpinning your practical studies. The area of investigation is agreed between you and the staff team. The final coursework unit is again based on set starting point questions from AQA. This unit concludes with a 15 hour controlled test' and gives you the chance to produce exciting and mature work in terms of scale, media or concept.