BSc Honours

Art and Design: Digital Photography - Lens Based Media A Level

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Classroom based

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2 Year(s)

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The main purpose of the Photography course is to develop your ability to appreciate the visual world around you and to enable you to respond in a personal and creative way. The Art Department staff will devise and implement projects which encourage you to:

Question all preconceived notions of photography and personal ability.
Trust your creative instincts.
Express your ideas and feelings through the controlled use of a broad range of techniques.
Investigate and relate to all the evolutionary processes that are inherent in the development of good photographic work.
Articulate issues relating to the work of other photographers from a variety of cultures, past and present.

You will learn:
How to record observations, experiences and ideas in visual and other forms
How to analyse and evaluate sources and objects, showing understanding of purposes, meanings and contexts
How to develop your ideas through sustained investigations and explorations, selecting and using materials and processes, interpreting relationships and analysing methods and outcomes
How to present a personal, coherent and informed response realising your intentions and articulating and explaining connections with the work of others
The use of light as the most important element of photography
The use of image acquisition hardware and software and image manipulation

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