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2 Year(s)

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Second year of A level (Year 13)
1. Energy transfers in and between organisms
2. Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
3. Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
4. The control of gene expression

Biology, like all sciences, is a practical subject. Throughout the course you will carry out practical activities including:
? using microscopes to see cell division
? dissection of animal or plant systems
? aseptic technique to study microbial growth
? investigating activity within cells
There is no coursework on this course. However, your performance during practicals will be assessed.
There are three exams at the end of the two years for A-level, all of which are two hours long. At least 15% of the marks for A-level Biology are based on what you learned in your practicals.
The AS has two exams at the end of the year.
Biology is useful in a large number of careers and former students have gone on to the following: medicine, pharmacology, teaching, biochemistry, environmental management, forensic science, agriculture, sports science and food science

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