Business Studies GCE AS / A2 Level

Business Studies GCE AS / A2 Level @ Newcastle-under-Lyme College

The business world is constantly changing and businesses have to cope and evolve with whatever is thrown at them. Consider the impact of the recent global recession and the Credit Crunch. Banks are currently very reluctant to lend money and as a consequence many businesses have struggled to finance expansion plans. You will be introduced to all the major aspects of the corporate world including finance, marketing, human resources, operations management and economics. This is not a dry factual study - we concern ourselves with how real businesses are making decisions on a day to day basis and so topical up-to-date case studies are used to develop a topic or theme.

Year 1

• Year 1 modules include: Planning & Financing a Business and Managing a Business.

Year 2

• Year 2 modules include: Strategies for Success and the Business Environment and Managing Change.

How will I learn?

We emphasise the changing nature of the business world, so teaching often revolves around case studies, up-to-date video material, and current media issues. The aim is to make business studies relevant and real while at the same time developing your analytical and problem solving skills. It is also our intention to offer additional support sessions to enable you to maximise your potential grade.