C.A.T and Genny Awareness

C.A.T and Genny Awareness @ South West Highways Limited

Each year there are around 1,000 work accidents involving electric shock or burns. Around 30 of these are fatal. Most fatalities arise from contact with overhead or underground cables. The C.A.T. and Genny Awareness course has been specifically designed to train candidates in how to safely locate and avoid underground apparatus using a Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T.) and a Genny.

You will learn:

- The reasons for using locators

- Health and Safety awareness

- How to understand service drawings and plans

- The HSE HSG47 document ‘Avoiding Danger from Underground Services’

- The theory of locating services

- The range of modes of a Cable Avoidance Tool;

* Power

* Radio

* Signal

* All Scan