BSc Honours

English Language & Literature

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2 Year(s)

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This AQA course will help you to develop a deeper understanding of both literature and non-literary texts, in a variety of forms, and the way in which they are constructed. Students will be encouraged to ask ƒ??whyƒ?? writers have made the choices they have, and how they use language to construct meaning, employing a set of academic frameworks to analyse texts from a range of different genres. Students will also need to produce their own writing, adapting source material for a new purpose and audience, and offering a critical commentary on the process.

Students will need to be able to analyse a range of different texts from a range of genres and forms looking at perspectives, places, characterisation and conflict in narratives. The AS course features prose, poetry and a wide range of non-fiction, including travel writing and transcripts; the A level course includes drama too.

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