BSc Honours

Media Studies

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2 Year(s)

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If you have an enthusiasm for images, media text and digital technology you will find this course interesting. You will develop a critical understanding of media and its influential role in todayƒ??s society and our daily lives examining how meanings and responses are created through the media.

The course offers you the opportunity to develop your own views and interpretations and to develop independent research skills and their application through practical work, exploring production processes and technologies and examining major contemporary media issues.

The five main areas that this course covers are:

Media Representations ƒ?? How media texts represent gender, ethnicity, society.
Media Language ƒ?? The typical conventions and styles of particular genres
Media Institutions ƒ?? The regulators and financial organisation of the media.
Media Audiences ƒ?? The people who ƒ??consumeƒ?? media texts and how they are researched and targeted.
Media Values and Ideology ƒ?? The power relationships behind media texts.

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