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Music is an integral part of life at Highbury Grove School who are the founding school of the Music in Secondary Schoolƒ??s Trust (The Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme).

A level Music students are the senior musical ambassadors at HGS. They are leaders and mentors to other students- displaying exemplary attitudes and approaches to music practise, attendance at rehearsals and supporting musical events. Students who choose to study Music at A level will study the Edexcel specification. A link to the current specification can be found here.

A level Music comprises three different learning strands:

Unit 1 (AS) and Unit 4 (A2): Performing- Students must give an extended performance on one or two instruments or voice. Orchestral and non-orchestral instruments can be studied at A level. (30%)
Unit 2 (AS) and Unit 5 (A2): Composition and Technical Study- Students must compose 1 or 2 pieces of Music and complete harmony exercises in controlled conditions. (30%)
Unit 3 (AS) and Unit 6 (A2): Further Musical Understanding- Students study up to 10 pieces of Music from a wide range of different genres. Students are expected to be able to answer aural questions and write extended analytical essays about these pieces of Music.

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