Chapter 8 (Traffic Management Unit 2 Street Works)

Chapter 8 (Traffic Management Unit 2 Street Works) @ South West Highways Limited

Aimed at those who are engaged with roadworks or temporary restrictions, which cause partial or total obstruction of the highways. This two-day course will provide candidates with sufficient knowledge of signing, lighting and guarding methods in order to minimise delays and eliminate risk of accidents whilst maintaining a safe environment for the general public, the road user, and those engaged with the works.

You will learn:

- Positioning, erecting and maintaining the correct signs, warning and information notices, lamps, cones, barriers, etc. in the prescribed manner.

- Understanding the need to permit and maintain controlled movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic at the site of the works and other areas that are affected by the works.

- The requirements of safe practices whilst carrying out the works in the highway with particular emphasis to the protection of the general public and those associated with the works.

- Understanding the importance and procedures associated with correct operation and use of manual and automatic signals including their positioning in accordance with defined instructions.

- Identifying, as works progress, the need for the introduction of revised control measures including road closures, traffic diversion, single-file traffic, one-way traffic and additional pedestrian protection.