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Second year of A level (Year 13)
Module 4 ? Core Organic Chemistry
Module 5 ? Physical Chemistry and Transition Elements
Module 6 - Organic Chemistry and Analysis
The department has excellent links with the Royal Society of Chemistry who have provided speakers, workshops and a number of different competitions. Opportunities for ?Stretch and Challenge? work for gifted and talented students are provided, including training for the Chemistry Olympiad in Year 13. Mrs Lowe is a senior examiner for OCR.
The A Level has three exams at the end of the year ? two are 2 hours 15 min and one is 1 hour 30 min long.
At least 15% of the marks for A-level Chemistry are based on practical skills.
Chemistry is essential for medicine, veterinary science, forensic science, pharmacology, pharmacy, biomedicine and dentistry Other related careers include: polymer science, food technology and the manufacture of cosmetics and dyes.

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