BSc Honours

Chemistry A Level

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Classroom based

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390 5

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Module 1 - Development of practical skills in chemistry

ƒ?› Practical skills assessed in a written examination ƒ?› Practical skills assessed in the practical

Module 2 - Foundations in chemistry

ƒ?› Atoms, compounds, molecules and equations ƒ?› Amount of substance ƒ?› Acid-base and redox
reactions ƒ?› Electrons, bonding and structure

Module 3 - Periodic table and energy

ƒ?› The periodic table and periodicity ƒ?› Group 2 and the halogens ƒ?› Qualitative analysis ƒ?› Enthalpy
changes ƒ?› Reaction rates and equilibrium (qualitative)

Module 4 - Core organic chemistry

ƒ?› Basic concepts ƒ?› Hydrocarbons ƒ?› Alcohols and haloalkanes ƒ?› Organic synthesis ƒ?› Analytical
techniques (IR and MS)

Module 5 - Physical chemistry and transition elements

ƒ?› Reaction rates and equilibrium (quantitative) ƒ?› pH and buffers ƒ?› Enthalpy, entropy and free

ƒ?› Redox and electrode potentials ƒ?› Transition elements

Module 6 - Organic chemistry and analysis

ƒ?› Aromatic compounds ƒ?› Carbonyl compounds ƒ?› Carboxylic acids and esters ƒ?› Nitrogen
compounds ƒ?› Polymers

ƒ?› Organic synthesis ƒ?› Chromatography and spectroscopy

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