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Gentle Flow Pilates

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1 Week(s)

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If you are struggling with mobility, this course has fantastic benefits. Our gentle flow Pilates class provides an ideal solution to exercise for those who feel they may struggle to get up and down in a mat orientated class. With a variety of seated and standing exercises, the routines are designed to address the core muscles which help to improve posture, balance and flexibility. Breathing techniques increase circulation and can also help to reduce stress and encourage a more focused mind. Other benefits include a boosted immune system and greater joint mobility. This course will begin with awakening the core muscles, breathing and posture and will also work on movements to loosen and strengthen the neck and spine learning body awareness to help reduce pain and stiffness. All of the exercises are developed to each individual?s ability.
Course Outcome: Through practising the six principles of Pilates; concentration, control, centre, flow, precision, and breathing you will soon start to gain a greater level of physical activity without pain and with a body that works to the best of its own ability.

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