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Pilates - Beginners & Improvers Summer Holiday Course

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1 Week(s)

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This course will introduce you to the fundamental principles of Pilates, methods which will allow you to improve strength and flexibility. It is a mixed-ability summer holiday course and is suitable for those who are new to Pilates as well as those with some previous experience.
The Fundamental Pilates course will teach you the basic principles of the Pilates technique: posture, thoracic breathing and muscle isolation, through a series of mat exercise sequences that progress as you develop strength, co-ordination and flexibility. Practising and mastering the Pilates technique can transform your body shape, posture and general well being. It can also significantly reduce or eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain. Pilates will improve your 'core' stability by teaching you how to switch on deep postural muscles that support and stabilise the spine, this takes time and concentration to develop. Pilates will make changes to your posture that will help you stand taller as you learn how to align your spine and the muscles that support it.

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