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Core Mathematics - Level 3 Certificate in Quantitative Reasoning

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The Level 3 Certificate in Quantitative Reasoning (MEI) has been developed jointly by OCR and Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) to meet the Core Maths requirements. This qualification gives learners the mathematical skills to tackle problems in a variety of authentic situations. The aim is to emphasise and encourage the following widely recognised and desirable outcomes: ? sound understanding of mathematicalconcepts,skills andtechniques from GCSE and beyond fluency in procedural skills, common problem solving skills and strategies ? confidence inapplyingmathematical and statistical thinking and reasoning in a range of new and unfamiliar contexts to solve real life problems ? competency in interpreting and explaining solutions of problems in context. Students will be encouraged to tackle problems in realistic contexts that are relevant to their other subjects. Topics covered include modelling, statistics, finance, working with exponentials, working and gradients, geometry and measures, risk, estimation, problem solving, communicating solutions, use of technology. WHO SHOULD TAKE THE SUBJECT?Students taking Core Mathematics will not be taking A-level Mathematics or Use of Mathematics. Students taking any science subject, Psychology, Geography, Economics or Business Studies are encouraged to take Core Mathematics to support their other subjects. Universities will look favourably on the course and it is likely to become compulsory in the next few years. University courses, such as some Engineering courses, who require A-level Mathematics as a discreet subject will not allow Core Mathematics to replace Mathematics as an A-level option.

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