Drama & Theatre Studies

Drama & Theatre Studies @ All Saints' Catholic High School

This course is designed to follow on from GCSE Drama although it has more emphasis on textual studies. It is important that you are interested in gaining a greater understanding of how theatre and plays work and that you are keen to be involved with performing and the creation of performance.

This course demands practical, creative and communication skills. You will extend your ability to create drama and theatre, either in a production or performance role. The performances you will undertake include group performances, paired and / or solo performances. You will be required to write about drama and to develop your powers of your analytical skills to review live theatre and look at a text from a directorial perspective.

This course will enable students to develop key skills, which will be essential to whatever they choose to do afterwards:


Improving own learning and performance

Problem solving

Working with others

This course can lead to further study in Drama and Higher Education at degree or HND level. It also complements a range of subjects and is useful in building confidence and improving presentation skills for a range of careers.