BSc Honours

English Language A level

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Classroom based

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23 Month(s)

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Studying English language can involve exploring almost any use of words. You will study the ways English language is used in a variety of forms, such as casual spoken conversations and advertising material, texts and tweets, and legal and medical discourse. You will also be able to study language from a range of periods and cultures, maybe engaging with the evolution of the English language from its Anglo-Saxon beginnings, maybe looking at the variety of forms of English across the world today. Some students choose to study the use and functions of language within the classroom context or in political speeches. Others discover a passion for finding out about children's language acquisition or the way our minds process metaphors. English Language is the study of the way English is used in media, news reporting, transactional texts, speeches, and even everyday conversation. An excellent course for anyone looking to pursue any kind of creative writing, including journalism, English Language teaches you the basics of sentence and word construction as well as analysing the way that we use language in different contexts and in different situations. We study a wide range of texts, including tweets, magazine articles, websites, warning signs and even the back of cereal packets. Potential careers: Journalism, Law, Teaching, Academics Publishing.

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