English Language GCE A Level

English Language GCE A Level @ Newcastle-under-Lyme College

Year 1

• In your first year you will cover two units. Unit 1: Categorising Texts (written exam 2 hours) focuses on a variety of texts and how to analyse and group them. In addition it focuses on two specific social contexts; Language and Power and Language and Gender. Unit 2: Creating Texts is a course work unit. The aim of this unit is to develop your own writing skills, producing writing in different genres for different audiences and purposes.

Year 2

• In the A Level year you will cover two units. Unit 3: Developing Language (written exam 2.5 hours) builds on the knowledge and skills developed in AS studies, as well as having an additional focus on two new specific areas of language study: Child Language Acquisition and Language Change. Unit 4 is a course work unit. In this unit you will apply your knowledge of linguistic methods and concepts acquired over the course to two separate pieces of writing; a language investigation and an informative media text.

How will I learn?

We aim to provide a stimulating, personally enriching experience of language. You will learn through experiencing a structured, progressive course, which will examine the uses, varieties and construction of language.