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English Literature A Level

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This syllabus covers four units. The first of these is Poetry, the modern component of which is studied in Year 12, with the pre-1914 element studied in Year 13. The texts are currently Poems of the Decade, a gripping and often grisly collection of modern verse, and a poetry movement (currently The Romantics) or a collection of poems by a pre-1914 poet (for some of next yearƒ??s Year 13, John Donne). The second unit covers Prose, which explores different themes, such as The Supernatural or Science and Society, where science fiction masterpieces such as Atwoodƒ??s The Handmaidƒ??s Tale are featured. This unit is mainly taught in Year 12, and revisited in Year 13. The third unit considers Drama, with Tennessee Williamsƒ?? A Streetcar Named Desire currently being studied in Year 12, followed by a Shakespearean tragedy, such as Othello or Antony and Cleopatra in Year 13. Coursework at A level (Unit 4) compares two texts connected by author, theme, or period, and students can also have an input into a selection of books for this option. The syllabus is exciting and refreshing, and should present an absorbing challenge to students embarking on it in 2019. The issues dealt with are powerful and shocking ƒ?? prepare to be both horrified, and moved by timeless tales of passionate love. All human life is here!

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