BSc Honours

English Literature A Level

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Classroom based

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390 5

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Component 1: Drama
Students study one Shakespeare play and one other drama from either tragedy or comedy - both
texts may be selected from one or both of these categories - alongside a collection of essays and
critical essays related to their selected Shakespeare play.

Component 2: Prose
Students study two prose texts from a prescribed theme. At least one of the prose texts will be
Component 3: Poetry
Students will prepare for responding to an unseen modern poem through study of poetic form,
meaning and language style and study either a range of poetry from a literary period or a range
of poetry by a named poet from within a literary period.
Component 4: Coursework
Students have a free choice of two texts to study. Chosen texts must be linked by theme,
movement, author or period and may be selected from poetry, drama, prose or literary non-
fiction. Students will produce either one extended comparative essay referring to two texts or
one re-creative piece on one literary text plus an analytical commentary AND one comparative
essay referring to both texts.

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