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English Literature & Language

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2 Year(s)

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Our A-level English Language and Literature specification draws on the academic field of Stylistics in order to create an integrated English Language and Literature course which brings together literary and non-literary discourses. This specification integrates literary and linguistic fields via shared concepts about the way language choices create representations, both in literary and non-literary texts.
At A level the specification utilises non exam assessment (NEA) as a means of developing integrated literary and linguistic analysis where pupils work independently to investigate and explore a specific technique or theme in both literary and non-literary discourse. Candidates will demonstrate the use of appropriate terminology when analysing texts and will discuss and evaluate the relationships between different text types.
A2 Assessments
? Component 1: Telling Stories (written paper) 3hour exam (40%)
? Component 2: Exploring Conflict (written paper) 2 hour 30 minutes exam (40%)
? Component 3: Making connections (Non exam assessment)
2500-3000 words (20%)
An advanced qualification in English can lead to a wide variety of careers for example in Media, Communications, Education, Management, Law, Tourism, Journalism, Librarianship, to the more specialised areas of theatre, poetry or writing.

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